Alyssa Daniels
Alyssa Daniels
Alyssa Daniels
Name: Alyssa Daniels
Age: 24
100% 14,809 views
Rank: #7.7
Alieases: Eva
City: Budapest
State: N/A
Growth: 166 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs
Bust Measurement: N/A

Exotic and dark-haired, Alyssa Daniels was born on October 04, 1994 in Budapest, Hungary. She made her debut in 2013, whe she was 19 years old. Alyssa's career is still young, she still has a lot to prove. Daniels is one of the most underrated Hungarian peformers this buisness has ever seen.