Mckenzie Lee
Mckenzie Lee
Mckenzie Lee
Name: Mckenzie Lee
Age: 40
0% 6,646 views
Rank: #6.9
Alieases: McKinzie Lee
City: Leicester
State: England
Growth: 163 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 48 kg - 106 lbs
Bust Measurement: 32D-26-32

Mckenzie Lee was born in Leicester, England on May 16, 1979. She made her adult industry debut in 1998, working as a stripper in Birminghan and London prior to that. Lee has also worked as a cheerleader for Leicester City F.C. Lee's first American release was Raw and Uncut Berlin and her first films shot in America were Jack's Playground 28 and Jack's Teen America Mission 9.

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