I am a man who has a new fantacy I'm straight love pussy

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I like to dress up in ladies clothing
One day as I'm walking around in the early hours of the day dressed in heels skin colour stockings blue suspender belts short dress, I have got a bra 34b with a black lacy top As I walk round a corner there is a group of people coming towards me as I get closer to them thay whistle i have to walk through them Suddenly I'm grabbed my mouth is held tight I try to get away from them but there is 6 of them thay start to feel my arse I'm taken in to a house where thay tell me that thay have been watching me for a while and thay decided that if I dress like a girl thay would treat me like a girl, I have never sucked a dick before. I'm bent over and have my arse whipped till I can't feel it . Someone grabs my dick and start to walk me till I come into his hand he then spread it on my arse as I'm leaning over suddenly there are three dicks in front of me I open my mouth and one gets ramed in and I nearly choke he starts to fuck my face I feel a first finger being pushed into my arse then another until iv got four of them in Suddenly the fingers are taken out and I feel a hot dick pushing into my arse slowly at first it's so big that he grabs hold of my hips and ramed in all the way the dick in my mouth starts to come he pulles out just to the end,and pushed to the back of my throat I suddenly have a load of spunk I swallow as much as I can he pulls out and another dick is in front of me so I just opened my mouth he is bigger than the last and he grad's hold of my head and just pushed it to the back of my throat and holds it The dick in my arse gives one last push and I feel him come I'm moved to a different room one man lies down and I move above it I slowly feel that this dick is around five inches around and I'm pushed into it another dick is at my arse and he forces it into me so I have two dicks fucking me, one forced to the back of my throat until I pass out, I come around and have him shoot his load the two dick s come together I'm fucked until I'm sore and spunk is dripping out of my arse. I stand up and one man starts to walk me hard I have a boot lace wrap around my balls and dick thay tied it into a knot a tub of vicks vapour rub is put in front of me a man gets loads of it on his hands and starts to spread it on my dick he gets more and pushed into my sore arse my dick and arse are on fire I'm told that I have to come back tomorrow at fiveish so I'm getting turned on waiting , I go to the house and hear dogs barking I'm let in to the same room as before I'm told to get on my knees A large dog comes in and starts to lick my arse and he jumps on me he pushed his dick in my arse now he really ram's into me I'm fuck like never before he shoots his load into my arse he has his knot in me and pulls out . Another dog is let into the room and he starts to lick my balls he jumped on me like he had done it before I'm used by the three dogs Suddenly some dildos come out first one is put in my arse and then another one gets pushed in a third dildo the biggest in pushed into me thay all fuck my arse like a slut I am I get hard and my dick is tired with a bit of string it's wrapped around my dick until it can't get tied up some superglue is used to fasten it The dildos are taken out and I feel him push his fingers into me he pumps into me then pulls out spitting on my arse he starts to fuck my arse with some force . He spits again and again I feel him put his fist into me I love it and beg for more he pulls out of my arse and puts some lube on me and pulls my arse open First one hand them the other were put it me, I'm fucked with both hands in me Again he stops and again I'm told to come back at the same time Each time I go I get fucked and used like a whole

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