Summer is here...

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First time on the beach
In the movies it aways looks so romantic to watch sunset on the beach with your lover...sometimes is ends up with jamming right there. Once I and my ex boyfriend decided to give it a try. To tell you the truth, I was not a big fan of this idea, thought it would all be very messy and stuff, but in really it turned out great! I was something new that helped to spice up our relationship. A great memory and a definitely new kind of experience to add to my list of "have you ever...". I, personaly, really enjoyed it because of the risk of being cought. That, I guess, gave an extra drive to my man as well. It was a perfect and a bit extreme jam. It felt young and crazy and the "finish" was a really memorable one for sure. Feels great to have tried that. For those who enjoys taking such risks it could be really enjoyabe. P. S. If you want to have a try, my advice would be to check the weather beforehand and make sure it is not windy =)

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